Be a Real Man and Support Women Empowerment

“Beautiful is the woman who knows people, places and things don’t define her. She is defined by her acts of loving kindness and a generous heart.” – Michael Chatman

There are some things that are simply hard to explain to an average man. The average man, after all, is puzzled with something as uncomplicated as the fact that women are strong.

The average man thinks that we are only capable of things that are safe, and that they should be the ones to face the dangers of this world because only they can.

Women are vulnerable and cannot take a blow. Women bruise, we get cut easily. Women shouldn’t go into battle. We should stay where we are protected. This is what the average man thinks.

This is a fact: Women these days have worked so hard to earn respect. In the world of business, they have learned to succeed in making money and be contented with how much, even when they get less than what is deserved.

What women earn feeds more than their own stomach. Their families and their community enjoy the fruits of their labor also. Men’s earnings don’t go as far. Ironic, considering they are paid more and are the main providers for their families.

These are not mere claims. They are supported by facts. When men and women receive the same amount of money, the former spends 19% on their families and community, while the latter spends 80%. Women are intrinsically selfless. And that’s just about our biggest strength, rather than our weakness.

So to bust all those myths, let’s address them one by one. We are capable of safe things, but not just. We can face the most dangerous things in the world for the sake of love without caring if we make it, not because we can but because we want to.

Vulnerability is subjective. We can take a blow and we’re not afraid to admit that we are hurt. We bruise, we get cut, but we also heal. We face our own battles each day, but we don’t need protection from men who don’t acknowledge our true value. We get by because we are hopeful.

Give credit where it is due. Not only is it justified to pay women the same amount of respect (and money) as men, it is the logical thing to do if you want to see a future where there is less strife and suffering.

Empower women, and you will not go broke. Empower women, and you will neither get hungry nor thirsty. Empower women, and you will save the world. But most of all, empower women, because you’re not the average man.


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