Eco-friendly Products: New Beauty Must-haves

Confidently Beautiful with a Heart

This seems to be a phrase everyone has been using when describing a good role model for younger girls. It all started with a winning answer from a beauty pageant candidate. And since then, it had become a standard.

Well, good news! If having kindness and compassion are now requisites for one to be considered truly beautiful, then it isn’t as hard (and expensive) to achieve as it was in the past. Compared to the way things were before, where beauty had a singular look, things have now been diversified.

In the wake of the holiday season, cruelty-free brand Bloomtown has launched a new line of products which they call Beauty Baubles that are all about, well, heart.

Bloomtown is an award-winning vegan brand in the UK that has produced ethical beauty products from the very beginning of their business. Most of their products are inspired from woods, gardens, groves, and other pleasing corners of our ideal green community. Every ingredient is nourishing and sustainable.

They are founded on being cruelty-free. It all started when founders, Preyanka and Medwin, witnessed the harsh effects of the production of palm oil on nature. It has endangered tigers and orangutans, among many other animals. True to their mission, they have sworn against the use of palm oil in any of their products.

You can now spoil yourselves. Have all your superficial concerns addressed, minus the worries about how the products were manufactured or what raw materials were used to make them. You can now get that good night’s sleep, that long beauty rest, knowing you aren’t harming any animals while sticking to a regimen.

That’s a priceless beauty secret.

As to why you should go cruelty-free with your choices in beauty products, the obvious answer would be because it is the ethical thing to do. That’s the response you expect from women in green.

This logic, however, has gotten an upgrade. You don’t just choose eco-friendly beauty products to have a clear conscience. You do, because you want to be confidently beautiful with a heart.


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