Environmental Heroines Search: We are Progressing

“To the wrongs that need resistance,
 To the right that needs assistance,
 To the future in the distance,
 Give yourselves.”
– Carrie Chapman Catt

We are very fortunate to have had women in the past fight for the right of suffrage and set as examples for the generations to come.

Although it is a different case in every country, it is reassuring to know that we women are steadily progressing towards complete liberation.

The reason why we are becoming a stronger force, I think, is because we have finally acknowledged that we need each other’s support. It never meant that we were weak in the first place. We just needed unification to acquire a bigger presence, a more audible voice.

For so long, we have viewed each other as competition. But that is not solely a feminine trait. Men are competitive, too. It’s not being competitive that hinders us from moving forward, it is competing with one another for the wrong reasons, soliciting bad blood to the parties involved.

That way of thinking is almost primitive. Fortunately, we are beyond petty issues now. We have finally learned what was slowing us down.

We live in a time where women find glory in the success of other women. We are in celebratory spirits whenever someone does something magnificent in whatever field, especially when that field has always been dominated by the opposite sex.

Very recently, just last December 10, 2017, The West Michigan Environmental Action Council, an environmental nonprofit, announced their search for female leaders in their community who are working to improve the environment and keep the community safe.

The organization will celebrate West Michigan’s Hidden Heroines as part of its annual 2018 Women and the Environment Symposium that will take place from February 15 to March 1.

You have until January 26 to send in your nomination for three Hidden Heroines categories: Woman of Vision, Woman of Inspiration and Woman of Hope. Read more info on their website to know which title your choice belongs.

If you live in the area or know a woman from there who you think deserves recognition, feel free to visit www.wmeac.org and nominate her. Do your part in lifting up hardworking, purpose-driven women in the world to further strengthen our force.


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