How Separation From Nature and the Loss of the Feminine are Intertwined

By Wendy Stein

Think back to the last time you had a blissful experience with nature. What were you doing? Being connected to nature is a reflection of our own wholeness. Realizing that we are nature and nature is us, builds an understanding and relationship with our planet that is based on love, gratitude, and harmony. When we feel connected to the world and its living beings, we tend to interact with the world in the way we would tend to a loved one.

What is the Separation from Nature?

It is far too easy to lose touch with nature when caught up in the daily grind. The toils of traffic, deadlines, eating pre-packaged foods, and money worries get us down, making us forget about the majesty of this vast world and all of its creations, as our focus and attention get pulled into things that further disconnect us. And we risk falling into the pitfall of duality—life becomes ‘me versus the world’. It becomes self-centered, about human progress and profit versus a natural connected wholeness with all that is.

What Does Disconnection Look Like?

Disconnection leads to emptiness, and we attempt to fill that void with distractions. Our priorities shift to things such as shopping, making more money, and social media, and we get even more lost. We see nature as separate from us, something to be controlled and exploited, and we take more than nature can handle.

As a society, we disrespect nature and fail to stand up to others who are disrespecting it, and further problems occur. Pollution spirals out of control, valuable resources become depleted without being replenished for future generations, we poison and alter foods and water supplies with commercial agribusiness and fracking, animal habitats disappear as urban areas sprawl out of control, human rights abuses occur, greed is on the rise, and more.

How it Relates with the Loss of the Feminine Aspect?

The feminine aspect relates to a set of qualities both in nature and within us, whether we are male or female. These qualities including: nurturing, receptivity, harmony, connection, openness, intuition, sensuality, compassion, and more. When the feminine aspect is missing, we are apt to experience fierce competition rather than cooperation; power plays instead of fairness; loneliness instead of connection; greed instead of moderation. This goes hand-in-hand with disconnection from nature, and how we treat the living world, and ultimately ourselves and our loved ones.

How to Reclaim the Feminine aspect?

The best way to bring the feminine aspect back into one’s life is to sit quietly where you won’t be disturbed, review a list of the feminine qualities and think about how you can bring more of that into your own life. If you are stuck with something in your personal or business life, consider how to open to the situation using more of the yielding feminine qualities. At first it may seem counter-intuitive to how a person customarily behaves in this world, yet just feel your way with it. It could be the piece missing from your life.

How to Reconnect with Nature

Connecting to nature doesn’t have to take you to the top of a remote mountain. It can be as easy as sitting under a tree, noticing the birds near your home, or watching the sunset with your family. Even taking a five-minute break from your laptop, to stare out the window at something green can be of great benefit to your eyes and mind. Discover what it is that makes you fall in love with the earth and its living beings.

Finally, engaging our senses brings us closer to the natural world. One way to invite in more harmony with our world and improve our hearing at the same time is to practice a type of sound meditation. This involves sitting quietly and noticing what sounds are nearby, then opening up more to notice what sounds are a little further away, and finally opening our ears to perceive the most distant sounds as well. Don’t name them. Just notice them and let them be. Pretty soon the world will begin to sound like one great big beautiful symphony, and then you will know that you have reconnected.

Returning to love, gratitude, and purpose is tied to our ability to feel a unity and connection with our planet and its living beings. Do your part to tune in to this connection every day, as there are far too many ways we can get whisked away from it. And if you find yourself disconnecting, bring yourself back to nature and beauty, and to the awesomeness of all of creation.

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