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When a woman earns money: 80% goes back to her family and community.
In comparison: a man gives 19% of his earnings to his family and community.

The key to improving lives globally: EMPOWER WOMEN

Every single human on the world has dreams. But not equal opportunities.

I feel so strongly for this, and I want to inspire you to lend money today to someone on

With Kiva you can lend as little as $25 and change the life of one woman AND HER ENTIRE FAMILY.
After that you can reuse the same $25 to change more lives. And on and on it goes. Brilliant, right?

I’m a big believer in giving, but I also think that if it’s a loan you’re not simply giving people money, but you’re EMPOWERING her. The aspect of accountability comes with lending, which is something that doesn’t necessarily come with giving. And I think this plays a huge part in empowerment.

Listen to the latest podcast episode in which Kate Bennett explains why micro-loans have such a big impact on the lives of the people receiving the loans, and why most of the loans are given to women.

81624b39-107b-4852-92a1-1fe897987203 THIS IS HOW YOU SAVE LIVES: EMPOWER ONE WOMANThe next two weeks we’ll be talking Female Empowerment on

The lovely people at will be sharing some examples of lives changed through micro-loans.
We’ll celebrate women whom inspire other women to be empowered.

I’ll lead by example and head to film myself lending $25

On behalf of women worldwide: thank you for lending to
Bonus points: share this podcast episode with someone whom you think would want to lend $25 to a person with dreams on


About Kate Bennett and Kiva

Kate is the Senior Portfolio Manager of Kiva for Latin America. She plays an important role at Kiva, monitoring financial risks and making sure that the money goes where it creates the most social impact.

She believes that one of the most powerful things that connects us as human beings is that we all have goals and dreams. But that because of some certain factors, realizing these dreams seems insurmountable, especially on our own.

At you can lend money to people, mostly in rural areas or places where poverty is at its worst, so that they can put up a small business, or invest in the health or education of their families, or help other people in their respective communities. The funds come from Kiva’s field partners from all across the world.

Tracking the money you lend to Kiva’s borrowers

The thing is: with a micro loan you’ll get your money back, you will be notified through email about it. You will be given information on the impact that your loans made and the progress that the borrowers are making with the money you’ve lent. 

Upon repayment, you can then decide whether to take the money you loaned from the system or you can continue to make another loan (I highly recommend to keep giving!).

Become a partner

Simply visit the website and choose from the various types of loans, including green finance. Choose what inspires you and means the most to you, or is something you would like to see changed in the world.

The Takeaways:

Everyone dreams, and all a dreamer really needs is an equal opportunity and access to resources that can help start a business that will change their lives.

Kiva makes this a possibility by building a contract and partnership of mutual dignity between lender and borrower.

Opening doors and appropriating supplies to anyone who needs them is Kiva’s main principle. They hope to be able to see every dreamer become the dream.

Ok, now: go to and lend as little as $25 and help make some dreams come true this Holiday season!


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