What You Get in Return For Your Generosity
Heal the world with generosity.
When they say that today the world needs love more than anything, how many of you actually accept the idea? Maybe “love” is just too strong a word. Maybe toning it down a bit would actually make more sense.
In whatever aspect we look at it, the world truly is not in its best shape. Some might say the world is headed towards disaster. If this is the case then giving, not necessarily of gifts, is what’s needed right now.
Let’s stop and think for a moment if the matter is really about the leaders and the led. Who wants to conquer a ruined land? And who wants to submit to a selfish conqueror? It has always been the same plot, cruel and against hope. The world is not meant to be conquered. It is meant to be healed. And how do we do that? We give. Without asking who is deserving, we just give.
If you can’t think of anyone, just give to whoever is there.
The holidays are coming, one after another. There shouldn’t be space for discrimination of those who are not in celebrating spirit. Giving without expecting back, and anticipating nothing: this is how we can heal a world.
It is good to give to people who we consider family or friends. But if we truly want to make a snowball effect, let us start by being generous to strangers. It makes a bigger impact because it allows them to contemplate on their worth.
We don’t know their story, their struggles, or whether they are capable of good or bad things. We simply give to them for the sake of giving. We may not know for sure how they would feel towards the gesture. When we put ourselves in their shoes we could imagine what it’s like. That’s in large a part of compassion: being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
How would you feel if you received a present from someone you didn’t know? What might come from a random act of kindness? The unsuspecting receiver realizes that some people give from their hearts. Having learned the lesson, they will then extend the same thoughtfulness to others.
What are some ways you can give back this holiday season?
  1. Donating to your local charity.
It can be for any cause. It doesn’t have to be a big amount. It doesn’t even have to be monetary at all, just as long as it’s something they can use.
  1. Organize a mass feeding in your community. (Or maybe just on your block)
Instead of holding a party at home; gather your friends to plan out a dinner for people in the neighborhood. Are there people near you who are lonely or less fortunate? You might be surprised that this would turn out to be your favorite holiday memory.
  1. Offer to give a free session on anything you are good at.
Knowledge is a gift. If you have it, it is best to share them with others. Share what you’ve learned throughout your life. Doing so might inspire someone else to love learning and improving. And if there happen to be people who are already living better lives who will attend the discussion; good. That means a chance for you to grow an army of charitable individuals.
These are only a few examples, the simplest and most humble ones. But if there is anything in particular that you are capable of giving where you can contribute the most, go for it. The true reward of being generous is in the act itself.
Happy holidays!


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