Women find Strength in the Courage of other Women

“We have been socialized as women to compete with each other, and the cycle needs to end.”
– @nskbelanger (on Twitter)

When Time magazine announced who their Person of the Year is, the public had very different reactions. Many were shocked, while others were not so surprised as they may have already seen or heard about the harassment victims speaking out on television and expected this result.

However, I would just like to give my two cents on the part where Time decided to place one celebrity over another on the cover, since it caused so much outrage.

A lot of people openly expressed their disapproval on social media about Taylor Swift being chosen among the lineup of female celebrities who stood up against the men who harassed them.

They say that although the singer also had her share of such misfortune and was brave enough to face her attacker in court, she was not as “loud” about it compared to actress Rose McGowan, who was one of the first to speak up about Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct and indecency.

I don’t think it would have come to be that big of a deal had Rose McGowan been included and not left off. The issue is very petty actually and very unbecoming of us women who are naturally very supportive of others regardless of their gender.

Just out of curiosity, I researched if there was anything said from Rose McGowan’s side. I found out that there was none. I was not surprised at all. I don’t think that she told her story for publicity.

There is no shame in being a victim. But to accuse someone of something as serious as sexual harassment knowing the world will have varied opinions, it will never be about getting fame but justice.

It’s safe to assume that McGowan is at peace with Time’s choice and proud of the women who, just like her, took a step forward as an act of valor, putting an end to the wrong ways of so many predatory men.

Why can’t we be like that? We should have each other’s back instead of always having our knives readily sharpened for stabbing it. We are already making a lot of progress by supporting each other in terms of our businesses and careers. Entertaining unimportant matters is a step backwards.

The better logic is that an attack on one woman is an attack on us all. If it can happen to her, it can happen to you or any other woman, young lady or little girl you know. It’s best to stay vigilant and to never allow bad things to continue on your watch.

Speak up when you’re in the right, because you would want others to do the same if they witness an injustice towards you.


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